Ultrasonic Massager [ Procedure-Treatment method ]

  Ultrasonic Massager

  [ Procedure-Treatment method ]

1. Before treating of skin joy, clean the skin surface by removing cosmetics
2. Apply massage cream or gel on the surface of skin properly
3. Push the S button and then the ultrasonic indication lamp will be lightened and ultrasonic wave will propagate.
4. Move the ultrasonic head with circular motion properly
5. To stop operation, push the S button again and remove adapter from electric socket
6. After massage, cleansing the remained cream
7. Clean the ultrasonic head with tissue or cotton to remove ultrasonic cream or gel and other residues.
8. Treat ultrasonic massage once a day as possible

Caution : With ultrasonic massage treatment the sound heat should always be kept moving during the entire treatment. A good coupling medium between the head and the area being treated should always be used (scan gel or water). Never leave the unit operating for any length of time without the head being in good contact with either tissue or water.

[ To verify Ultrasonic Massager is working ]

  Ultrasonic Massager

 [To verify Ultrasonic Massager is working]

Drop a few water on the ultrasonic head surface and check whether the water is moving like photograph.