Ultrasonic Massager [ Introduction ]

  Ultrasonic Massager

  [ Introduction ] [ The efficacy ]

[ Introduction ]
Skin Joy, the most powerful professional ultrasonic equipment for your skin. Generates about 1MHz ultrasonic vibration and is adapted to provide the optimum level of electro-mechanical waves in the tissues. Because of this factor, Skin Joy is the ideal equipment for the treatment of your skin. Skin Joy is superior in the quality, performance, safety, and price. 1,000,000 times/second beauty revolution of super-density massage !!!

[ The efficacy ]
Ultrasonic is a sound wave in a frequency too high t heard by the human ear. The average person can hear sound waves ranging from 20 to 20,000 cycles per a second. Ultrasonic energy can penetrate body tissue to a depth of about 5 centimeters or more and affect the tissue in three ways simultaneously : Thermally, Mechanically and Chemically. The biological, mechanical, thermal and chemical effects that are produced by adapting Skin Joy, consist of A micro-massage, that increases the permeability of the vascular system, favoring the penetration of the active substances.

Ultrasonic Massager [ Introduction ]

Effective compositions in expensive cosmetics usually don't reach to deep layers of a skin. Effective compositions in cosmetics usually can not penetrate barrier zone in skin. So it is often difficult to get good results with a such cosmetics. Ultrasonic vibration of Skin Joy, however, reaches to cells of deep layers directly by a million vibrations per a second. Therefore, Skin Joy vivifies and stimulates cells and makes recovery of your youthful skin. Wash effects It dissolves dullness of your skin by extracting grime and scraps. Heat effects Vibration, which reaches about 5 centimeters under a skin, generates heat and promotes metabolism by warming tissue at the deep location. Micro-massage effects Skin Joy promotes the circulation of blood and lymph. Due to this effect, troubles of skin such as swell and dullness would disappear. Excessive massage often makes wrinkles, swells and dullness on the skin. But micro-massage by ultrasonic wave doesn't burden a skin. Friction between molecules produces local heat and vessel-expansion, acting adipose tissue of body. It heats tissue in deep layers about 0.5бн1oC and promotes metabolism of membrane of cell about 13%. Also, blood flow rate is activated and loosens muscles during treatment. A series of chemical reactions contribute to elimination skin tissue atrophy.