Ultrasonic "Homogenizer" [ Sonic Master ]

Ultrasonic Homogenizer

Ultrasonic "Homogenizer"
[ Sonic Master ]

"Ultrasonic Homogenizer" use to mix/separate different kind (i.g. Water & Oil) liquid.
1. Consist of Ultrasonic Homogenizer

Ultrasonic Homogenizer use to inverse piezoelectric effect, that is piezoelectric ceramic change electric energy to vibrating energy. Booster and Horn are amplified on ultrasonic pulse. Pulse generator occur to ultrasonic.

2. Function of Ultrasonic Homogenizer

Main function of Ultrasonic Homogenizer is to mix other materials by cavitational bubbles or to separate materials respectively.

3. Feature of Ultrasonic Homogenizer

- Easy change Horn and Prove.
- Mixing component carefully.
- Vibrational Amplitude.
- Safety on temperature & load.
- Horn & Prove which are compounded by titanium metal.

4. Model of Ultrasonic Homogenizer

Sonic Master-200,

Sonic Master-500,

Sonic Master-3000,