[ Back up warning system {Model : SS-1000 / 2000} ]


The "No Kisser" system operates with 2 main components : the alarm unit module & the detector. The alarm unit module contains an audible alarm, volume adjustment switch and four L.E.D's (light emitting diodes). The detector is mounted in the rear of your vehicle. It emits radar pulses and receives echoes of anything detected.

The "No Kisser" system only activates in reverse gear because the alarm unit module is connected to the back-up light circuitry of your vehicle. When your vehicle is placed in reverse gear, a green L.E.D on your alarm unit will light up to show you it is working. The other three L.E.D's are red,yellow and linked to a specific detection zone, either SS-1000/2000 < 2.3Ft (0.7m),4.6Ft (1.4m),8Ft (2.4m) > , SS-3000 < 2.3Ft (0.7m),4.6Ft (1.4m),9Ft (2.7m) > As you approach an object, each zone will light up and you will hear a beeping that increases in tempo as the distance to an object decreases.

The "No Kisser" system check itself each time the vehicle is placed in reverse, ensuring all components are functioning, when placed in reverse, the green L.E.D will light indicating power to the system. Instantly, the three L.E.D will flash and a short beep will be emitted. This brief action indicates system is functioning properly. If instead, the path to the red L.E.D light stays lit and the system emits a steady tone, stop and check the system and be sure the path to the vehicle is clear. A steady tone indicates the detector or wiring may be damaged or obstructed.