The "No Kisser" Run, backup warning system is the most advanced, high quality driving aid system which utilizes ultrasonic detection technology and micro processor. The "No Kisser" system provides three L.E.D steps which display green, yellow and red with alarming Sound simultaneously based upon the distance between obstacles and the detector when the vehicles are in motion. This Compact and rugged design gives easy installation and durability for a long time. A specially designed electronic circuit will not be influenced by weather conditions, Vehicle noise, computers, telecommunication equipment's which can false alarm under normal condition. It also has a self error setection ability to provide virtual maintenance. The "No Kisser" system is ideal for following applications to prevent potentoal collisions.

Parking in a narrow and blind spot.
Handicap and novice driver.
Large size vehicles such as trailer, truck, van, RV, bus, dump truck, etc.
Invisible conditions by snow, heavy, rain frosted rear window.

Thank you for choosing a "No Kisser" Back-up Warning System. When properly installed, it is reliable, accurate and nearly maintenance free. All "No Kisser" system function as a supplemental safety feature on your passenger vehicle to help you avoid collisions with obstacles behind your vehicle.